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The People's Space (Volksruimte in Afrikaans/Indawo Yezizwe in Xhosa) was a continuation of the Space Theatre after the original founder Brian Astbury and his wife Yvonne Bryceland left to settle in England in 1979.

Renamed under the management of Rob Amato and backed by Muriel Fine and others, the theatre continued its predecessor’s provocative work, though often serving rather as venue than as production company, till 1981. Among the significant new works were Matsemela Manaka’s Egoli, Zakes Mda’s Dark Voices Ring (1978) and The Hill (1980), and Kessie Govender’s Working Class Hero. Also the South African premiéres of Sam Shepard’s Cowboy Mouth and David Hare’s Fanshen. Also done were Alice! (1981)


Loren Kruger, 1999: 163

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