Pendoring (Edms) Beperk

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(Literally "Spike Thorn (Pty) Limited"). An award-winning radio comedy about a copy-writer and the Afrikaans language by A.S. van Straten.

The original text

The play was written for and won the SABC's GRA-hoorspelwedstryd ("GRA radio drama competition") as part of the "Taalfeesjaar" (the Festival year of the Afrikaans language). Broadcast by the SABC in 1975, it also went on to also receive the SAUK-prys ("SABC award") for radio dramas and radio documentaries, presented by the Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns.

Originally published by SABC Radio Marketing in 1975. Also published by Tafelberg Publishers. It would become the first in a trilogy of Pendoring radio plays alsongf with Pendoring & Kie and Pendoring & Seun.

Translations and adaptations

The play soon became a very popular stage text as well, and has been performed and broadcast numerous times by professionals and by amateurs.

A new stage adaptation was done by André-Jacques van der Merwe in 2002

Performance history in South Africa

1975: It was broadcast by the Afrikaans service of the SABC in 1975. Won first prize in the SABC Radio Drama Competition in 1975, the "Taalfeesjaar" (Festival Year of the Afrikaans Language).

2002: André-Jacques van der Merwe's stage adaptation premiered at the KKNK in 2002, directed by Van der Merwe, with himself (Gert Klopper), Anna-Mart van der Merwe (Sarie Verster), Isadora Verwey (various roles) and Pedro Kruger (various roles).


Ampie van Straten (1937–1997)by Erika Terblanche (2014-12-16)[1]

Volksblad, 14 July 2003.

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