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Peggy Moran (b. Durban, 21/10/1936 – d. San Mateo, California, 01/03/1995) was an actress.


The daughter of Peter Moran and his wife, Annie Nienaber, Peggy Moran had a short acting career in the late 1950s. She was 19 years old when, as a showgirl, she travelled to Brazil as a member of a magic act, but it was not a happy experience. Upon her return to South Africa she became a shorthand typist and was taken under the wing of Taubie Kushlick. At that time she was picked by Ronald Brantford of Alpha Film Studios for a role in a short film being produced for a large industrial concern.

Her first stage production was Listen to the Wind (1958), produced by Kushlick at the Library Theatre. This was followed by Ever Since Eve (1958), produced by Anthony Farmer at the YMCA Theatre and What Shall We Tell Caroline? (1959), a play by John Mortimer in which the title character, played by Moran, has no dialogue until the very last scene. This was staged by Kushlick-Gluckman at the Intimate Theatre. Next came the long-running The Marriage-Go-Round (1959-60), again by Taubie Kushlick at the Intimate Theatre. She also featured in The Wolf and I (1959) a short pantomime staged by Kushlick for the Transvaal Press Club at the Carlton Hotel, and in Bill Brewer’s Player’s Progress (1960) at The Playhouse.

In September 1959 it was reported that she was making a film entitled Môre Mag te Laat Wees, but it looks as though it was never completed. The following year it was announced that she was off to try her luck in Great Britain, but at that stage we lose track of her. According to a genealogical website she died at the age of 58 in San Mateo, California. (FO)

[She should not be confused with the American film actress Peggy Moran (1918-2002)]


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