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Paljas is an Afrikaans word with a range of meanings.

It is also the name of a South African film.

The word Paljas

It can mean "jester", "buffoon" or "clown", or it can be used as a verb, meaning "to cast a spell".

The film Paljas

Written by Chris Barnard produced by Distant Horizon, Sonneblom Films and Videovision Entertainment, directed by Katinka Heyns with Marius Weyers, Aletta Bezuidenhout, Ian Roberts, Ellis Pearson, Jan Ellis, Liezel van der Merwe, Larry Leyden, Marthinus Basson, Gérard Rudolf, Regardt van den Bergh, Ernst Eloff, Paul Eilers, André Rossouw, Hennie Oosthuizen, Chris Vorster, Gys de Villiers, Sambo, Mark Hoeben, David S. Lee, Rory Avenstrüp and Maggie Trist

Music by Sue Grealy, cinematography by Koos Roets, film Editing by Avril Beukes production design by Johnny Breedt and Birrie le Roux, art Direction by Johnny Breedt, set decoration by Fred Du Preez, costume design by Diana Cilliers.

The film was released in 1998 and the film script was published by Tafelberg Publishers in the same year.


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