P.J. Haupt

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P.J. Haupt (1888-1888) was the owner of the wine store P.J. Haupt and Co. in Hope Street, Cape Town.

Haupt had the store fitted up as a theatre and first advertised that it was to let in February 1845, stating that it "may be had for a Season, single Evening or on Lease". The adverts ran frequently after this till 1850.

The theatre, known as Haupt's Wine Store, Haupt's Theatre, or Haupt's Warehouse, was one of two venues situated in Hope Street in the 1840s-1850s; the other one was the Liefhebbery Tooneel (also known as the Victoria Theatre, the Hope Street Theatre and the Sans Souci Theatre in the period).

Haupt's Theatre was apparently used by Lycett in 1849, when he fitted up a theatre in the upper storey of the store.

In 1850 Haupt placed another advert, stating that "The Theatre and Theatricals were again offered to let, with immediate possession". After this nothing more was heard of it.