Ons Hou Konsert

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Ons Hou Konsert (1967) is a sketch using one-act farces by Melt Brink and adapted by Robert Mohr. It was followed by Ons Hou Konsert II (1983)

Sometimes also referred to as Kom Ons Hou Konsert

The original text

A frothy concoction of the early Brink plays, based on the format of a village charity revue-concert, with the plays as "items", it was created in 1967 by Robert Mohr, using three classic Melt Brink farces (Die Egskeiding, Bij die Tande-dokter and O, die Muise of Stemreg vir Vrouwe) and writing a linking text about the small rural town of Genadevlei's attempts to perform a "concert" in celebration of the arrival of electricity in the town. The text was published in 1973 by DALRO, in its performance text series.

Mohr later expanded the text for PACT, which now also included a third text, Bij die Tande-dokter. This version was the most generally used one. performed also produced professionally by SWAPAC in 1981, by the students at the University of Stellenbosch in 199*. and later for the Brink tribute by CAPAB in 1999.

In 1983 Mohr compiled another second set of Melt Brink plays, using Gestrafte Nieuwsgierigheid, Die Kwaaie Huishoudster and Die Weddenskap to compile the follow up Ons Hou Konsert II.

South African productions

1967: Ons Hou Konsert first produced by Robert Mohr for CAPAB. It opened at the Hofmeyr Theatre on 13 October. The cast included Nerina Ferreira, who was nominated for the Three Leaf award as the best female lead.

1968: Ons Hou Konsert repeated by CAPAB with Johan Malherbe, Fitz Morley, Christine Basson and Glynn Day.

1981: Ons Hou Konsert performed in Windhoek by SWAPAC

1983: Ons Hou Konsert II produced as Robert Mohr's last production for CAPAB, going on tour on 14 July 1983 and being revived at the Nico Malan Theatre on 15 December 1983, with Christine Basson, Marga van Rooy, Neels Coetzee, Antoinette Kellermann, Blaise Koch, Fitz Morley. Decor by Peter Cazalet, costumes by Dicky Longhurst. Six performances of the production were sold to NAPAC and were performed in Richard's Bay, Greytown, Glencoe, Ladysmith, Estcourt and Pietermaritzburg from 8 to 13 August.

1989: Ons Hou Konsert produced by Universiteitsteater Stellenboschin the H.B. Thom Theatre in May, directed by Johann Nel with drama students.

1999: Ons Hou Konsert produced again by CAPAB as a tribute to Robert Mohr at the KKNK and in the Nico Arena. Using the original linking text by Robert Mohr and two of the original three Brink texts (Die Egskeiding and O, die Muise of Stemreg vir Vrouwe), but adapted and transferred to the "rainbow nation" by Peter Snyders. Directed by Johan Esterhuizen with Ivan Abrahams, Blaise Koch, Dawn Matthews, Euodia Samson, Waldemar Schultz, Royston Stoffels and Deirdre Wolhuter. Designs by by Michael Mitchell (décor), Birrie le Roux (costumes) and Skip Wright (lighting).


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