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1990 [[Norman Coombes]] ''[[A Snake in the Garden]]''
1990 [[Norman Coombes]] ''[[A Snake in the Garden]]''
1996 [[Zakes Mda]] for ''[[The Nun's Romantic Story]]''
1996 [[Zakes Mda]] for ''[[The Nun’s Romantic Story]]''
1999 [[Moira Lovell]] for ''[[Bedtime Stories]]''
1999 [[Moira Lovell]] for ''[[Bedtime Stories]]''
2002 [[Xoli Norman]] for  ''[[Halleluja!]]''
2002 [[Xoli Norman]] for  ''[[Hallelujah!]]''
2005 [[John Kani]] for ''[[Nothing but the Truth]]''
2005 [[John Kani]] for ''[[Nothing But The Truth]]''
== Sources ==
== Sources ==

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The Olive Schreiner Prize is an annual award to new and emergent talent administered by the English Academy of Southern Africa.

Principles of the award

This is taken in turn for Poetry, Prose and Drama. So the Drama Award is awarded every three years.

Many years drama awards were not made. Also interesting to note is the fact that most of the truly prominent figures (Athol Fugard, Barney Simon, Paul Slabolepszy, Anthony Akerman, Janice Honeyman, Fiona Coyne, William Kentridge and the Handspring Puppet Company, Brett Bailey, etc) do not feature.

Drama Awards made

1975 Douglas Livingstone for A Rhino in the Boardroom

1978 John Cundill for Redundant and Waiting

1985 Junction Avenue Theatre Company for Randlords and Rotgut

1990 Norman Coombes A Snake in the Garden

1996 Zakes Mda for The Nun’s Romantic Story

1999 Moira Lovell for Bedtime Stories

2002 Xoli Norman for Hallelujah!

2005 John Kani for Nothing But The Truth



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