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''[[Nonquassi (film)|Nonquassi]]'' is an English short film by [[Leon Schauder]]
==The film==
A short foilm about the Xhosa prophetess [[Nongqawuse]] and the 1856-7 cattle-killing. The description in the online catalogue of  ''Colonial Film: Moving Images of the British Empire''[http://www.colonialfilm.org.uk/node/1541] says: "Members of the Xhosa tribe of South Africa re-enact an old legend in which blind belief in a false prophet leads the tribe to ruin. The commentary draws the parallel with Hitler's Germany."
Filmed by [[Leon Schauder]] for Gaumont-British Instructional Films, in their Focus on Empire series, and released in 1939.
== Sources ==
Sheila Boniface Davies (compiler): 2010.  ''Creative accounts of the Xhosa cattle-killing''[http://www.persistentfrontiers.com/xhosacattlekilling/docs/sbd-creativeaccounts.pdf]
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