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''[[Grease]]'' (in 1978) and in ''[[Annie]]'' (for [[Brickhill-Burke]] in 1979).  
''[[Grease]]'' (in 1978) and in ''[[Annie]]'' (for [[Brickhill-Burke]] in 1979).  
Roles in ''[[Macbeth]]'' ([[CAPAB]], 1981), ''[[Fiddler on the Roof]]''  ([[CAPAB]],  1985), ''[[The Story of an African Farm]]'', ''[[Don Juan]]'', ''[[Lee Harvey Oswald]]''.
Roles in ''[[Macbeth]]'' ([[CAPAB]], 1981), ''[[Fiddler on the Roof]]''  ([[CAPAB]],  1985), ''[[The Story of an African Farm]]'' ([[PACT]] 1975) , ''[[Don Juan]]'' ([[Market Theatre]] 1980), ''[[Lee Harvey Oswald]]''.
== Awards, etc ==
== Awards, etc ==

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DALY, Nigel. (19*-) Performer.




He studied Drama at the University of Natal under Joan Little.


He joined PACT in 1975.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

His first professional appearance was in Major Barbara.

Performed in Make Believe, Murder in the Cathedral, The Flies, Desire Caught by the Tail, A Flea in her Ear, Lee Harvey Oswald, Fangs (with PACT), Count Dracula (in 1977), The Rivals (with NAPAC in 1977), Grease (in 1978) and in Annie (for Brickhill-Burke in 1979).

Roles in Macbeth (CAPAB, 1981), Fiddler on the Roof (CAPAB, 1985), The Story of an African Farm (PACT 1975) , Don Juan (Market Theatre 1980), Lee Harvey Oswald.

Awards, etc


SACD 1975/76; 1979/80.

Macbeth programme notes, 1981.

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