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In 1994 he wrote ''[[Apartheid on Trial]]''.
In 1994 he wrote ''[[Apartheid on Trial]]''.
He co-wrote the play ''[[What Annette Said In Her Sleep Last Night]]'' with [[David Butler]] in 1996
He co-wrote the play ''[[What Annette Said In Her Sleep Last Night]]'' with [[David Butler]] in 1996.
=== As director ===
He directed ''[[The Outsider (by Camus)]]'' in 1998.
== Awards, etc ==
== Awards, etc ==
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''[[American Buffalo]]'' theatre programme, 198*
''[[American Buffalo]]'' theatre programme, 198*
''The Substance of Fire'' programme notes, 1993.
Tucker, 1997
Go to [[South African Theatre/Bibliography]]
Go to [[South African Theatre/Bibliography]]

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Nicky Rebelo (1958-) Actor, cabaret artist, director and playwright.


Nicky was born in Johannesburg and went to school at Saint Benedicts College.


Graduated at Wits Drama School in 1981.


After graduating he worked with the Junction Avenue Theatre Company.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

As stage performer

He starred in Forbidden Fruits, in Going Under, in Paul Slabolepszy’s Making Like America together with Paul, Marius Weyers and Lida Meiring under Bobby Heaney’s direction at the Market in December 1986. Played Bobby in American Buffalo. He has appeared in West, Walking Wounded, Making Like America at the Baxter and the Market Theatre's Superheroes, Marabi, Upfront, The Bicycle Riders and Outers at the Market Theatre, The Substance of Fire. The Puppet Rock Picture Play.

Cabaret: A Day in the Life of South African Under White Supervision.

As film actor

He appeared in a number of South African films, including 'n Wêreld Sonder Grense, Saturday Night at the Palace, Shot Down, The Stick.

As playwright

He wrote the plays A Touch of Madness and Prophet of the Waterberg and co-wrote Outers with Barney Simon.

He wrote the one-woman collection of monologues apparently... or so I heard, performed by Jennifer Steyn in 1990.

In 1994 he wrote Apartheid on Trial.

He co-wrote the play What Annette Said In Her Sleep Last Night with David Butler in 1996.

As director

He directed The Outsider (by Camus) in 1998.

Awards, etc


American Buffalo theatre programme, 198*

The Substance of Fire programme notes, 1993.

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