National Council for Adult Education

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(Some sources have National Advisory Council for Adult Education)

The project

This council was a project of the Jan Smuts government to see to the educational and social needs of South Africans after the second world war. It derived from a specific recommendation in the voluminous report the Eybers Commission (1945) brought out after an investigation of needs in the country. The theatre-loving Dr G.W. Eybers, was appointed the first Director of the council in 1946 with the chairman of FATSSA, P.P.B. Breytenbach, as a member.

NACAE and theatre in South Africa

In January 1947, at Breytenbach's request, the Council set up a sub-committee to study theatre matters. Chaired by Breytenbach and made up of Myles Bourke, Anna Neethling-Pohl, Donald Inskip and Steve Naude (secretary), it submitted a proposal for a state-funded theatre - based on an outline by Myles Bourke - to the government. It was through this proposal that FATSSA obtained its first grant of £400, plus a loan of £3,600 in 1947, to organise professional tours in 1948, and - in effect - to establish the National Theatre Organisation (NTO). The sub-committee itself initially found itself acting as a mediatory body between the amateur organisation and the professional performers, and once NTO had been formed, constituted the core of the controlling body for NTO.


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