N.P. van Wyk Louw

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LOUW, N.P van Wyk. (Nicolaas Petrus) (1906-1970) Hugely influential Afrikaans poet, playwright, lecturer and cultural theorist. Also did some acting. Brother of major critic W.E.G. Louw, born in Carnavon/Sutherland? in the Cape Province, he studied at ***. ****. Became a inspiring lecturer at Amsterdam? and later University of the Witwatersrand. A member of the so-called "Dertigers" movement ("People of the thirties"), he published some of the most influential poetry in Afrikaans. In 1927 performed in Grosskopf's As die Tuig Skawe (1927). Translated Sacha Guitry's Huis te Koop and Maurice Maeterlinck's Die Indringer (with his brother) in 1935. A career as dramatist began when he was commissioned to write Die Dieper Reg for Volksteater in Pretoria. He later also wrote more plays for radio and stage, including Die Held, Diaz, Germanicus (perf by NTO, 1957, pub. 195*), Die Pluimsaad Waai Ver (Perf by PACT?*:1966, Pub:1972?), Verkiesing Sonder Politiek ??*** Louw played an important role as mentor to new writers (he influenced P.G. du Plessis for example) and his defense of liberalism in South Africa is reflected in his many writings on Afrikaners, Afrikaner consciousness, language, literature and theatre, and are important documents in a theory of Afrikaans cultural thinking in the period 1935-1966. In 1966 the production of Die Pluimsaad Waai Vér brought him into direct conflict with H.F. Verwoerd regarding the freedom of the artist. He was married to theatre director Truida Louw. (See Binge, 19**; Du Toit, 1988) [TH, JH] VAN WYK LOUW, N.P. Truida Louw directed his Die Pluimsaad Waai Ver at the Brooke Theatre in 1966 for PACT. His Germanicus starring Marius Weyers formed part of the opening season of the Pretoria State Theatre in 1981. *** (Tucker, 1997)

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