Mrs Delamore

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Mrs Delamore (18**-18**) was an actress in Cape Town.

She may have been a professional performer, living at the Cape, and appears to have performed as semi-professional for the Amateur Company managed by Mr Cuerton and later also for the Garrison Players and Garrison Amateur Company in the period 1815-182*.

She is first mentioned by Bosman (1928) in connection with a benefit performance, which a Society of Amateurs were putting in the African Theatre for a "Miss Delamore". (Though Bosman has "Miss Delamore" on page 146, he refers to her as "Mrs Delamore" on pp.176-7 and elsewhere in his history.) She and a Mr Laing helped sell the tickets for, and no doubt both acted in, the evening's entertainment, which consisted of The Mountaineers (Colman) and Fortune's Frolic (Allingham).

This reference suggests that she may have been appearing on stage in Cape Town for a while.

The only specific performance in which she is banmed was another benefit performance on Monday 28 October 1822 - this time a presentation of The Rivals and The Prisoner at Large, which was held for her, and for two other ladies (Mrs Smith and Mrs Green), by the Garrison Amateur Company.


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