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Mr Combrink (18**-18**) was an amateur actor in Cape Town in the 1840s.


He is listed by William Groom (1899: p 518, cited by Bosman), under the surname "Combrink" only, and referred to as one of the "well known names" and "really clever amateurs" seen in a Cape Town performance in 1843. Possibly a member of the Dutch society Tot Nut en Vermaak in Cape Town between 1843 and 1857.

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Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

1843: Participated Was one of "clever amateurs" mentioned by Groom (1899: p 518) to have taken part in an English performance of The Miller and his Men, offered by an unnamed English company (see English Private Theatricals) in the "Dutch Theatre" in Roeland street, some time in the year. It was followed by a farce.


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