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''[[Motherless]]'' is a play by an unknown author.
#REDIRECT[[Les Deux Orphelines]]
==The original text==
To date nothing has been found on a text by this name, except for references to it in articles on [[Hilda Attenboro]] and the 1909 silent film by this name (an adaptation by director Georges Monca of ''[[Les Deux Orphelines]]'' by D'Ennery  and Cormon,  1874). It seems that the play may itself also have been an English version of the French play - and so ultimately the source of the silent film .
==Translations and adaptations==
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1914: A play with this title was performed at the [[Palladium Theatre]] in Johannesburg by the [[London Repertoire Co.]], with a cast including [[Hilda Attenboro]].
== Sources ==
''New Zealand Herald'', 16 October 1915
''NZ Truth'', 7 October 1916
''[[Rand Daily Mail]]'', 10 June 1919
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