Mother of All Eating

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by Zakes Mda. A one act, one-hander, set in Lesotho, about a the corrupt principal secretary to a government minister.

The Mother of All Eating is a one-man satire exploring the culture of corruption (referred to as “eating”) written by award-winning author and playwright Zakes Mda. The central character The Man, is the principal secretary to a government minister and has enriched himself through government funds. However, a tender deal gone wrong brings an abrupt end to his extravagant lifestyle. This celebrated play blends humour with uncomfortable truths and despite being over 20 years old remains as relevant today as it ever was. A classic.

Published in Fools, Bells*** and the Habit of Eating by Wits.

1992: Performed by Gonzalez Scout, in the Victoria Hotel, Maseru in 1992.

2014: Adapted to become a two hander, with the original one-man script's role of "The Man" being split between two actors. Performed in the Barney Simon Theatre at the at the Market Theatre, directed by Makhaola Ndebele with Mpho Osei-Tutu and Jerry Mntonga, and piano backing by Bernett Mulungo.

2019: Performed at POPArt, City Centre, Johannesburg [1].


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