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'''''Mis''''' is a 1992 [[Afrikaans]] play by [[Reza de Wet]]..  
'''''Mis''''' is a 1992 [[Afrikaans]] play by [[Reza de Wet]] (1952-2012).  
== The original text ==
== The original text ==

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Mis is a 1992 Afrikaans play by Reza de Wet (1952-2012).

The original text

The title has a variety of meanings in Afrikaans (e.g. "dung", "off-target", "fog" and "holy mass"), all of which feature symbolically in this magical-realist play about a young daughter's escape from her disfunctional rural Afrikaans family.

First published by HAUM as part of a trilogy entitled Trits Trits: Mis, Mirakel en Drif (1993) The text won the Fleur du Cap Award for Best New Indigenous Script 1993 and the collection won De Wet the Hertzog Prize for Drama in 1993.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English as Missing by Steven Stead and published in 2000AD by Oberon Books in the collection Plays One: Missing - Crossing - Miracle by Reza de Wet (also containing Miracle and Crossing).

Adapted as a radio drama and broadcast in Afrikaans by RSG with Isadora Verwey, Marga van Rooy, Annaliesa Weiland and Lelia Etsebeth.

Performances in South Africa

1992: First performed in Afrikaans at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown by CAPAB in July 1992, directed by Marthinus Basson, with Mary Dreyer, ***, André Roothman, and **. Trix Pienaar, Elma van Wijk, André Roothman en Mary Dreyer (Date unconfirmed. See next entry).

1993: Performed in Afrikaans in the Nico Malan Theatre, Cape Town by CAPAB directed by Marthinus Basson from 16 March to 3 April 1993, with Mary Dreyer (Gertie), Elma van Wijk (Meisie), Trix Pienaar (Miem) and André Roothman (Konstabel). Design by Birrie le Roux, lighting by Pieter de Swardt. This production toured the Cape Province and was seen at the National Arts Festival 1993.

2009: Produced and directed by André Stolz for a schools tour, with Bettie Kemp, Isadora Verwey, Morné Visser, Lelia Etsebeth. At one point Riana Wilkens, replaced Isadora Verwey on tour.

2015: Performed in English as Missing at The Baxter Theatre Centre in October, directed by Mdu Kwenyama, with Faniswa Yisa, Sonia Buqwana, Daneel van der Walt and Clyde Berning.

2016: Performed in Afrikaans as a touring schools programme in the Western Cape by Stercus Produksies, directed by Gaerin Hauptfleisch, with Marion Holm, Wilhelm van der Walt, Karli Heine and Petro van der Heever.



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