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(****-****). Actress. Performed in
#REDIRECT [[Minky Schlesinger]]
''[[The Crucible]]'' (at the Market Theatre),
''[[Marat/Sade]]'' (at the Market Theatre),
''[[Fringe Benefits]]'' (at the Academy Theatre),
(SACD 1977/78) (SACD 1980/81)
19**-) Actress. ** Roles in ''[[The Sport of my Mad Mother]]'' ([[The Space]], 197*), **. Became a member of [[The Company]], performing in **  SCHLESINGER, Minky. She starred in the [Company-Junction Avenue Theatre Company]] collaboration ''[[Sophiatown]]'' which was created by its cast at [[Upstairs at the Market]] in February 1986, the [[Market]] main house, abroad, with many return visits.
== Sources ==
Tucker, 1997; See Astbury, 1979; Schwartz, 1988
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