Matthew Roberts

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(19**-19**) Actor.




Quoted from A Sleep of Prisoners programme notes in 1997(?) wherein he played the role of Corporal Joe Adams: 'His love affair with theatre rests squarely on the shoulders of Charles Fortune and the Goons. Learning the art of mimicry at an early age, he still startles friends with phone messages from Tutu and Mandela. Trained under Rita Maas, stage appearances include CAPAB's Phantom of the Opera and several Shakespeares. Baxter credits include The Passion and Cinderella (in which he played an ugly sister). A Highlight was T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral for ACTS at St. George's Cathedral. He also rode the range in Raiders of the Broken Heart - a hit at last year's Grahamstown Festival. Film work includes Matthew in [[Regardt van den Bergh's production of Matthew's Gospel. He has also appeared in several television and radio series and recently completed his first screen play The Patrick Dickson Story for van den Bergh.

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