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(1945-) Actor on stage, TV and film. Perhaps one of the most revered Afrikaans actors of his generation. Born in Johannesburg, ***.



In 1964 he relinquished his Legal Studies to join PACT (thePerforming Arts Council of the Transvaal as an Assistant Stage Manager. He soon landed a small role in an educational programme, and this led to other small parts with PACT's Educational Theatre Company. He then moved into the adult company, and his first lead was in the iconic play Ampie (Van Bruggen) but the role that set his career alightr was that of in 1971 came his definitive interpretation of "Jakes" in Francois Swart’s production of the celebrated box-office success, Siener in die Suburbs (P.G. Du Plessis). He was to have an eleven year association with PACT, during which time he performed in an average of six Theatre productions a year. In 1975 he left to turn freelance and for the following eight years he performed in independent theatre with Barney Simon and others (notably at the Market Theatre, while gradually also working on a film and television career. He returned to PACT for a brief spell as Artistic Director for PACT Drama (1983-1986), and thereafter returned to work freelance, and for a number of years in the 1990s he divided his time between Hollywood and South Africa.

Roles as actor

His first stage lead was “Ampie” the classic Van Bruggen play and in 1971 came his definitive interpretation of “Jakes”in Francois Swart’s production of Siener in die Suburbs (P.G. Du Plessis). Leads in more than 130 plays followed, including for PACT: Performed in Hello and Goodbye, Othello (as “Lago”), The Crucible (as “Proctor”), Die Reënmaker (as “Starbuck”), Equus (as “Martin Dysart”), Othello (for Kruik in 1977 as “Othello”), The Guest, Becket (as “Becket”) and in A Lesson from Aloes (as “Piet”). Die Seemeeu, (19**), The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1981), Vasvat van ‘n Feeks (Taming of a Shrew), Begeerte (Desire under the Elms), ***. ****, Hamlet (198*), Becket (198*), Othello (198*), Hotel Paradiso (198*), (19**), *** Empire of the Sun (Shaffer, 19**), **. For the Market Theatre: Die Vroue van Troje (“Women of Troy” - 1976), The Seagull (1976), A Lesson from Aloes (Athol Fugard, 198*), Outers (Barney Simon, 198*), Making Like America (Slabolepszy, 198*) and Fordsburg’s Finest (Slabolepszy, 1998) . For Mannie Manim Productions: Valley Song (Athol Fugard, 2000?) and for the Baxter Theatre Centre: Sorrows and Recjoicings (Athol Fugard, 2001), Oom Vanya/Uncle Vanya (2004- Fleur du Cap Theatre Award for Best Leading Actor), Twaalfde Nag (2005), Begeerte (Eugene O’Neill’s Desire under the Elms, Baxter Theatre and KKNK 2006), Lang Dagreis na die Nag (KKNK and Rys, Vleis en Artappels, 2008) . One-man shows include Kafka’s Report to the Academy (translated and directed by Mario Schiess 1980 onwards, Fleur du Cap Theatre Award 1980) and Weyers (Chris Vorster, 2000), and Bal en Klou (with author Chris Vorster, 2001).


During his brief stint as Creative Director at PACT he directed a superb version of Elsa Joubert’s Poppie Nongena, which also toured townships. He made his directorial debut with PACT’s revival of Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena starring Nomsa Nene in August 1983 at the State Theatre and then the Alexander. In 1984 Nomsa Nene starred in his production of the English version of this play at the Market.


His film career can be said to have begun when he obtained an 8mm camera. His interest, however, was not in performing but rather directing and it was horror genre movies that initially inspired the young artist.

Films include The Gods Must be Crazy (Jamie Uys, 19**), Paljas (Katinka Heyns ***, 19**) Tigers Don't Cry (***, 19**), The Guest (Ross Devenish, 19**), Deep Star Six (***, 19**), Bopha! (***, 19**), Ghandi (Attenborough, 199*), The Power of One (199*), Farewell to the King (199*), Stander (199*), Red Dust (200*). In 1983 he received a surprise telephone call from Roman Polanski who had seen, and loved, THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY. The Polish director flew him to Paris two days later for rehearsals and then fought a long and hard battle to cast Marius as "Captain Red" a role that later went to Walter Matthau in PIRATES. The part was originally written for Jack Nicholson. "Pure Blood" is proud to have cast Marius in the pivotal role of the General.


Television performances include Die *** Faktor (SABC, ??, 19**); A Midsummer Night's Dream, Onder Draai die Duiwel Rond [“Underneath the Devil dances”] (Katinka Heyns, 1999 & 2001); Tekwan, The Golden Girls (**. 19**), Nurses (***, 19**), Good and Evil, Designing Women.

WEYERS, Marius. Actor. Together with Sandra Prinsloo he won best Afrikaans actor/ress awards for his role in P.G.Du PlessisSiener in die Suburbs which was staged by PACT in 1971. It was directed by François Swart. He starred in Barney Simon’s production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible for PACT together with Patrick Mynhardt, Michael McCabe, Aletta Bezuidenhout and Michele Maxwell in 1975. He starred in François Swart’s Afrikaans production of Othello for PACT with Sandra Prinsloo and Louis van Niekerk in 1975. He starred in Barney Simon’s production of Chekhov’s The Seagull at Upstairs at the Market in June 1976 with Vanessa Cooke, Sandra Prinsloo, Erica Rogers, Bill Brewer, Danny Keogh, Lindsay Reardon and Bess Finney. He starred in Athol Fugard’s A Lesson from Aloes, directed by and starring Fugard, together with Shelagh Holliday at The Market Theatre in November 1978. He starred in Report to the Academy, which Mario Schiess translated (from Kafka’s German) and directed, at The Laager in 1979. He starred in a translation of Becket for PACT in 1979. He starred in A Lesson from Aloes together with Shelagh Holliday and Bill Curry at Upstairs at the Market in 1980. It was directed by Ross Devenish. He won the DALRO best actor award in both the English and Afrikaans categories for Report to the Academy and Becket. He starred in Peter Shaffer’s The Royal Hunt of the Sun, directed by Leonard Schach together with Keith Grenville, Michael McCabe, David Horner, Patrick Mynhardt and Bill Flynn. It was staged during the opening season of the Pretoria State Theatre in 1981. He starred in N.P.van Wyk Louw’s Germanicus which formed part of the opening season of the Pretoria State Theatre in 1981. He starred in William Egan’s production of an Afrikaans translation of The Taming of the Shrew called Die Vasvat van ‘n Feeks together with Sandra Prinsloo for PACT at the Pretoria State Theatre in February 1983 which then went to the Alexander in March.  He starred in Paul Slabolepszy’s Making Like America together with Paul, Nicky Rebelo and Lida Meiring under Bobby Heaney’s direction at the Market in December 1986. He starred in Bobby Heaney’s production of Die Trem se Naam: Begeerte, an Afrikaans translation of Tennessee WilliamsA Streetcar Named Desire together with Brumilda van Rensburg for TRUK in May 1985. He starred in PACT’s production of Mark Rozovsky’s Strider at the Alexander in 1987. He starred in an Afrikaans translation of Hamlet for TRUK at the State Theatre and the Roodepoort Civic in 1987. WEYERS, Marius, A Report to an Academy, Vasvat van ‘n Feeks met  William Egan (Dir) Sandra Prinsloo ,Sorrows and Rejoicings, 2001.Baxter. Op soek na generaal Mannetjies Mentz (Aardklop,  1999), MARIUS Marius, arguably the most acclaimed actor to emanate from South Africa, has performed in 115 Theatre productions gathering eleven Best Actor Awards, including those for his one man show Report to an academy(Kafka) which won international critical acclaim and enjoyed successful runs in Edinburgh, Israel and Los Angeles. He is also the recipient of "The Medal of Honour from the South African Academy of Arts and Sciences" for contribution to Theatre. In an acting career that spans 25 years, Marius has performed in numerous television productions, and over 35 motion pictures most notably the huge box-office hit THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY, for which he garnered the "Best Comedy Actor" Award at the Charles Chaplin Festival in Switzerland. He earned his recognition as an international actor this performance, and became a member of SAG. His most notable international feature credits include Richard Attenborough's GHANDI, FAREWELL TO THE KING (directed by John Milius and starring Nick Nolte), BHOPA (directed by Morgan Freeman and starring Danny Glover) and John Avildson's THE POWER OF ONE as well as his international feature debut in TIGERS DON'T CRY with Anthony Quinn. Marius was born in Johannesburg. His film career began when he discovering an 8mm camera and relinquished his intended Law career. His interest, however, was not in performing but rather directing and it was horror genre movies that initially inspired the young artist. In 1961 Marius joined PACT [ Performing Arts Council ] as an Assistant Stage Manager and he soon landed a small part in an educational programme. This led to other small parts and his early Theatre career with PACT went on to become an eleven year association during which time Marius performed in an average of six Theatre productions a year. In 1975 Marius left PACT and in the following eight years performed in independent Theatre with Barney Simon, 


Awards include 13 best actor awards for theatre, 3 for film roles and the Medal of Honour for his contribution to theatre from the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns.  Best Actor awards in 1971 and 1972, winner of a Three-leaf award in 1972.


Tucker, 1997

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