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(19**-19**) Actress.
#REDIRECT [[Marié Human]]
== Biography ==
== Training ==
Has a BA.
== Career ==
Member of [[SWAPAC]] ('79-'80) and [[CAPAB]] ('82-'83).
==Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance==
''[[More Mysteries of Love II]]; ''[[Siener in die Suburbs]]'' and ''[[August August August]]''. The Company's production of [[Barney Simon]]'s ''[[Black Dog-Inj'emnyama!]]'' at the [[Market Theatre]] and [[Baxter Theatre]], the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and the [[Tricycle Theatre]] in London. On television, ''[[Skoolplaasstories]]''. in ''[[Outers]]'' she played the role of Charmaine.
== Awards, etc ==
== Sources ==
''[[Outers]]'' programme notes in 1985(??).
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