Marching Song

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Marching Song is a 1953 play about moral conflict in which a decision one way or the other can lead to imprisonment, by British dramatist John Whiting (1917-1963) [1].

Performance history in South Africa

1955: Directed by Clifford Williams for the Johannesburg Arena Theatre, starring Felix Couper, Valerie Philip, Lee Bolon, Ricky Arden, George Sears, Laurence Hall, Robert Wilson and Richard Clark.

1960: Broadcast as a radio play on November 26 [1960?], with Percy Sieff and Joyce Burch in the leading roles.

1972: Presented by PACT, March 1972, directed by Francois Swart, set designed by Richard Cook. The cast: Max Adrian, John Hayter, Vivienne Drummond, Stuart Brown, Michael McGovern, Kerry Arnell, Norman Coombes, Anthony James.


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