Malcolm Terrey

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(19*-) Actor, ** He created and co-starred with Kevin Feather in Jo’burg Follies at the Black Sun in Berea in 1986. He starred in Rex Garner’s production of Cahoots at the Leonard Rayne in 1988. He starred in Tom Lehrer’s Tom Foolery at the Andre Huguenet in 1989. He starred in Who Goes Bare at the Andre Huguenet in 1989. His Jo’Burg Follies was staged at the Leonard Rayne in January 1990. He starred in Ray Cooney’s Uproar in the House at the Andre Huguenet in 1992. He starred in Edward Duke’s Jeeves Takes Charge at the Richard Haines in 1993.

Quoted form A Handful of Keys programme notes in 1994 that he helped write and create: 'Born and educated in England, Malcolm Terrey's career began in London cabaret at 16, goin on to appear in many musical comedies, plays, variety and TV shows, as well as radio work. There followed three in repertory theatre and seven playing 'Dame' in panto. Since arriving in South Africa in 1982, Terrey has appeared in numerous stage productions - Plewman's seven-month run of Uproar in the House, Toerien's Who Goes Bare? and Move Over Markham, to name a few. Malcolm is also something of a Jo-burg Follies marathon man, with annual runs of five months' duration. More recently he delivered an inimitable in Jeeves. Here, in Handful, we see another facet of the man - as scriptwriter for this lively entertainment - as well as presenting a composition of his own.'


A Handful of Keys programme notes, 1994.

Tucker, 1997

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