Magrita Prinslo, of Liifde getrou tot in di dood

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(“Magrita Prinslo, or Love faithful unto death”) by S.J. du Toit. A play in five acts or thirteen scenes, a romantic melodrama telling the story of two lovers separated by the Great Trek, but reunited at the end. The first full-length play published in Afrikaans and with a strong influence on later historical playwriting. First performed on 27 and 28 January 1897 as part of the Tweede Afrikaanse Taalkongres ("Second Afrikaans Language Congress") in the Paarl Town Hall. A cast of 20, made up of delegates to the conference, apparently played to a full house. Published by ** in 189*. The play was later modernized for performance and re-worked by S.P.E. Boshoff as Magrieta Prinsloo (1917), in which form it was often produced.

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