M.C. Botha

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(1886-1959). Marthinus C. Botha. Educationist, writer of Afrikaans textbooks and translator.

First chairman of the SABC when the government took over the broadcasting services in 1936. Translated Karel Çapek's R.U.R. into Afrikaans, for production by Volksteater in 1939. *

See also Marthinus Botha.


Joyce, 1999

(18**-19**) Minister of Bantu Education

Michiel Coenraad Botha, known as MC Botha, was the Minister of Bantu Administration and Education (1966) in the government of Dr H.F. Verwoerd. A qualified teacher obtained degree at the Stellenbosch University

(19*--) Novelist, poet and playwright].

Michiel Christoffel Botha.

He wrote the plays Skaak and Die Geheim van die Lewe.


Joyce, 1999

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