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Lysistrata by Aristophanes ***** Performed in the original Greek in South Africa by the Athens Drama Company in 1962, when Leon Gluckman brought them here to perform at the Civic Theatre with direction by Costis Michaelides, starring Aleka Katselis, Maria Moscholiou and Costas Kazakos. The first local production was ****. Other productions include a 1952 NTO touring version, directed by Leon Gluckman with Vivienne Drummond and Lydia Lindeque. In 197* The Company did a version at The Box in 197*. ** An Afrikaans translation, by **, was first done by ** in 19** by **. The play has been adapted in many ways over the years. For example in 1976?* Dermod Judge wrote Lysistrata S.A. - based om the South African situation in the mid-70s – which was done at The Space (Cape Town), with music composed by Alan Hayman and directed by Dorrian Mclaren with sixteen actors, five musicians and a singer, including Charles Comyn, Fatima Dike, Andrea Fine, James Mthoba, Thoko Ntshinga, Sam Phillips and Jacqui Singer. An Afrikaans?* adaprtation - [Miss] Losistrata ??** - was produced by Robin Malan?* with the students of the Stellenbosch Drama Department in 197*, with ** in the lead. Lucy Strata by Ben Dehaeck was another adapted Afrikaans version of the play, set in the Cape, and performed at the Kellerprinz Drama Festival in 1986 by the Breughel Theatre group. Joint winners.

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