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LitNet is an online journal of the arts, published in Stellenbosch.

It was founded in 1999 by Afrikaans novelist, mentor and theoretician Etienne van Heerden (now also in English). and went live on 11 January 1999. In September 2006 the site moved to a new platform.

Besides its current online version, LitNet's material is available in two archives: Archive 1 (1999–2006) en Archive 2 (2006–2011) through its website at

Besides many subsections, ranging from news items and reviews to blogs and commentary on the arts and theatre, social issues, politics and many other matter, the journal also has a specific academic publication section, called LitNet Akademies (LitNet Academic).

LitNet Akademies

LitNet Akademies ("LitNet Academic") (ISSN 1995-5928) is a subsection of LitNet and an accredited online academic journal which publishes Afrikaans research articles in all academic fields. The key aim is to encourage publication in Afrikaans.

It was launched in 2008?*, initially edited by Etienne van Heerden and **, later (2009) by Francis Galloway. Specifically aimed at promoting publication of academic work in Afrikaans by creating an web-based e-journal for the purpose. This has already been accredited by the Department of National Education for subsidy purposes and Van Heerden has secured substantial funding via the Stigting vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans, which means that, on top of the subsidy, the writer of a peer-reviewed article on LitNet Akademies will receive payment to further their research. LitNet Akademies will not be charging any page fees. The online journal will publish Afrikaans research in the humanities, such as history, psychology and literature. The advisory board consists of academics from South Africa, the UK and the Netherlands. The journal is published as a subsection of the larger website, and for the first four years in fact there was not even a separate section. However, from 2007 onwards such articles are placed under the rubric LitNet Aakademies, with one or two articles appearing at a time.

Edited by Francis Galloway.


LitNet's comprehensive biographical encyclopaedia, compiled and published online in association with the ATKV and NALN, managed and largely written by Erika Terblanche since August 2007.

Also known as the Afrikaanse Skrywersalbum or ATKV|LitNet-Skrywersalbum.



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