Lida Meiring

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(19*-) Actress. *** Roles include "Poppie" in Elsa Joubert and Sandra Kotze's Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena (Fleur du Cap Theatre Award, Best Actress, 1979), ***, ***. Paul Slabolepszy’s Making Like America (Market Theatre, 1986), Madame Pernelle in Die Huigelaar (1986); A Place with the Pigs, opposite Athol Fugard (1987), and The Road to Mecca for CAPAB (Rob Amato’s revival 1989, Fleur du Cap Theatre Award, Best Actress).

Quoted from the Outers programme notes in 1985(***): 'Began her career as a member of her late husband Johan Fourie's Theatre Company, an Afrikaans theatre group which toured the entire country including SWA. She has appeared mainly in the Cape in productions including Siener in die Suburbs, Die Plaasvervangers, Poppie Nongena (for which she received a Fleur du Cap Best Actress Award), Op Hoop van Seën, Die Joiner, and Ek, Anna van Wyk and in the OFS in Siener in die Suburbs and 'n Vonkel in Haar Oë. She received a Fleur du Cap nomination for her role in Daar Leef Mense Daar for SWAPAC. Television appearances include Herberg series and Moord op die Lug. She has been heard on radio in Poppie Nongena and Wie Met Vuur Speel. This is her first appearance for The Company at the Market Theatre.'


Outers programme notes in 1985(**).

Tucker, 1997

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