Le Tribunal Redoutable, ou La suite de Robert, Chef de Brigands

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Le Tribunal Redoutable, ou La suite de Robert, Chef de Brigands ("The formidable bench/jury, or the sequel to Robert, Chef de Brigands") is play in five acts by Jean Henri Ferdinand Lamartelière (1761-1830)[1].

The author's last name also appears as "La Marteliere" or "La Martélière" in some sources.

The original French text

Written as a sequel to Lamartelière's own Robert, Chef de Brigands (which had been based on Schiller's Die Räuber), and published in Paris in 1793. Apparently the content was such that the play was initially banned from performance in Paris.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Dutch as De Geduchte Rechtbank ("The formidable jury") by "J.G.S.", published by Hendrik van Kesteren in Amsteldam, 1807. (Full Dutch title: "De Geduchte Rechtbank, Een vervolg op Robert of de struikrovers; tooneelspel in vijf bedrijven.Vrij gevolgd naar het fransch van den Heer la Marteliere".)

Sometimes appears as De Geduchte Regtbank in South Africa, and credited variously to Schiller or Lamartelière, or in some cases to both.

Performance history in South Africa

1831: Produced in Dutch performed as De Geduchte Regtbank (credited to Schiller by the reviewer) on 9 July in De Liefhebbery Toneel, Cape Town by the company Tot Nut en Vermaak.

1879: Performed as De Geduchte Regtbank by Aurora II on 16 September in the Athenaeum Hall, with Niet of Graag (Andersen).






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