Le Nid d'Amour

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Le Nid d'Amour ("The love nest" or Het Liedenest in its Dutch translation), is a theatrical work of uncertain origin, performed as a "new ballet and anacréontique" in Cape Town in 1810, with music by a local composer.

The original text

A work entitled Le Nid d’Amours, ou Les Amours Vengés by composer Jacques-André Gaultier, and choreographer Eugène Hus (Pierre-Louis Stapleton, 1758 –1823)[1] is listed as an opera in . It was performed in Paris in 1798. It may have served as inspiration. Possibly a later version of the work, now entitled Le Nid d’Amours, ou Les Amours Vengés was performed as a "ballet anacréontique" by Eugène Hus at the Théâtre Royal, Bruxelles, 9 March 1818. Published in Brussels by L. Poublon, 1818.

In view of the latter title, another good candidate seems to be a one act ballet anacréontique-pantomime by M. Beaudry entitled L’Amour du Venge, which was performed at the Théâtre de Versailles, 21 June 1810 and published by J-P Jacob, Versailles, 1810.

Translations and adaptations

Le Nid d'Amour, an opéra comique in one act by Jean Baptiste Edouard Montaubry opened in Paris in 1885.

South African performances

1810: Performed in Cape Town in Dutch (as Het Liefdenest) , with new music composed by L. Meurant, performed in Cape Town as an afterpiece to Le Somnambule ou Orgia (Pont-de-Vesle), by the pupils of J. Riaux on 13 October 1810.

1810: Repeated by the same company, but apparently in French as Le Nid d'Amour this time, on 27 October, as an afterpiece to Le Baiser (Florian).


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