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[[Lara Utian-Preston]] is a South African documentary film maker.   
[[Lara Utian-Preston]] () is a South African documentary film maker.   

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Lara Utian-Preston () is a South African documentary film maker.


She is a co-founder and CEO of The Ladima Foundation and a passionate believer in Africa-Futurism and is firmly optimistic about the future of the continent. Her current focus is on the film industry and has seen her develop various projects including the launch of the new event, DISCOP Zanzibar, ZIFF’s first ever film and TV content market, and Soko Filam , amongst others.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

In 2006, Lara founded, and still personally manages, Red Flag Content Relations (also known as Red Flag Media), a Pan-African communications consultancy and communications agency, that focuses on on promoting African content and brands, including African entertainment and lifestyle events. Among the projects she helped to develop are the Cape Town Film Festival





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