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The Lanarkshire Dramatic Club was an amateur company founded by members of the 99th Regiment (Lanarkshire), stationed in Cape Town in the years 1868-1869.

The Company

The company performed in the Garrison Theatre for two seasons in 1868 - March to the end of April and then from the end of May to the end of October.

Members included Sergeant Bean, Sergeant Johnston, Sergeant Maynard, Sergeant Borchers, Mr Shelton, Mr Norcliffe, Mr Evans, C. Hayes, Mr Subbs (Mr Stubbs?). On occasion female family members of the soldiers took on female roles (e.g. Miss Buckstone), though most were played by Sergeant Taylor, Mr Jenkins and Mr Hunt.

The company was later aided by some officers, among whom Lieutenant Tanner, Lieutenant Moir, Captain Burton, Captain Harvey and Captain Ball. Other officers mentioned are Coock, Macklin and Broughton.

For a while in 1868 they had some competition from the Lanarkshire Glee Club, which contained some of its own members (e.g. Shelton and Norcliffe), but this was eventually overtaken by the rising interest in Minstrel performances.

Plays performed

Among the plays produced in the two years, were The Sergeant's Wife (Banim), Fortune's Frolic (Allingham),


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