La Parisienne

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An intimate dinner theatre desgined by Anthony Farmer in the place of the old Siegfried Mynhardt Theatre which was ravaged by fire circa 1984. The opening production was Oh! La! La! conceived and directed by Siegfried Mynhardt. Tarts, devised and directed by Kevin Feather and starring Jocelyn Broderick, Kate Normington and Gaby Lomberg was staged here circa 1986. Taubie Kushlick staged From Taubie with Love in August 1986 and followed this with another showing of The Best of Brel. Taubie Kushlick took a lease on the La Parisienne circa 1986 and brought Danielle Pascal to appear in About Love and Bravo Piaf in 1987. Kushlick also presented ’S’Wonderful, ’S’Marverllous here in 1987. They staged Neil McKay’s production of Aces High circa 1987. The theatre burnt to the ground in the beginning of 1988. ****


Tucker, 1997

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