L.W. Hiemstra

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L.W. Hiemstra (1897-1978) was a journalist, linguist and supporter of the arts.

Born Louis Wybren Hiemstra in Lydenburg Transvaal, he studied at the Transvaalse Universiteitskollege and the University of Cape Town. For a long while he was a journalist, with Die Volkstem, Die Burger and Die Volksblad.

He was also a member of the language commission of the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, and a language editor for Nasionale Pers (from 1946 onwards) and chaired the editorial committee of the Tweetalige Woordeboek.

His contribution to South African theatre

He was one of the many people who over the years petitioned for a National Theatre for South Africa.

Another influence came posthumously, when the L.W. Hiemstra Trust was set up by his widow, mrs Rikie Hiemstra, in 1984, primarily to support publication of works in Afrikaans, but also other forms of Afrikaans usage, e.g. performances, festivals and organizations supporting the promotion and maintenance of the language. This trust has played an enormous role in the production and publication of Afrikaans plays and related work.





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