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L'Alouette ("the lark") is a French one act play by Jean Anouilh (1910–1987)[1].

A play about Joan of Arc, it was written in 1953 and first performed at the Théâtre Montparnasse (Paris) on 16 October 1953. It would be grouped as one of his Pièces Costumées, which also included Becket ou l'Honneur de Dieu (1959) and La Foire d'empoigne (1962).

Translated into English as The Lark by Christopher Fry (1907–2005)[2] in 1955. Adapted by Lillian Hellman (1905–1984)[3] for the Broadway production in the same year.

1961: Performed in English as The Lark by the Port Elizabeth Shakespearean Festival, along with Tea and Sympathy.