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(****-****). Actress. Performed in Jaques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, From Berlin to Broadway With Kurt Weill (for Kushlick), Seven Deadly Sins, The Sound of Music and in Chicago (with PACT). (SACD 1975/76) (SACD 1977/78)

(19**-) Singer and actress. **** She made her debut in Berlin to Broadway. She starred in an adaptation of Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris directed by Taubie Kushlick and staged between 1975 and 1983. She starred in the Brickhill-Burke and PACT revival of The Sound of Music at His Majesty’s in June 1976. Direction and choreography were taken care of by Brickhill and Burke, the latter of which also starred in this production together with Jarmilla Tellinger, Terry Lester and Diane Todd. Together with Annabel Linder she starred in the musical Chicago which was staged by PACT in January 1977 at the Alexander Theatre. Direction and choreography were done by Geoffrey Sutherland and Hazel Feldman did publicity. She starred in Joan Brickhill’s production of Annie which ran at His Majesty’s from November 1978 to March 1979. It also starred three young girls – Ashleigh Sendin, Diane Dupont and Memory Fick – rotating the title role, Joe Stewardson, Claire Johnston and Joan Brickhill. She starred in Des Lindberg and Dawn Lindberg’s production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas together with Victor Melleney and Annabel Linder under direction by Dawn Lindberg at His Majesty’s in 1979. She starred in Geoffrey Sutherland’s production of Joan Littlewood’s Oh! What a Lovely War together with Michael Richard, Gay Lambert, Michael McCabe, James White and Erica Rogers for PACT in 1980. Ronnie Quibell presented the comedian Shelley Berman, with Page as a special artist at the Civic in 1981. She starred in Taubie Kushlick’s production From Taubie with Love together with Marloe Scott-Wilson at the Market Theatre in 1981. She starred in Pieter Toerien’s production of Noël Coward’s Oh Coward together with Richard Loring and Ronnie Stevens. It was directed by Freddie Carpenter and staged at the Andre Huguenet and the Intimate in 1982. She starred in Louis Burke’s production of The King and I together with Joe Stewardson for PACT at the Civic in December 1984. It was performed again at the Pretoria State Theatre in December 1986. She starred in Jerry’s Girls directed by Jimmy Bell for Pieter Toerien at the André Huguenet in 1986. She starred in Taubie Kushlick’s From Taubie with Love at the La Parisienne in August 1986. She starred in Sun City’s 1990 extravaganza called Bravo. PAGE, Judy, Ian von Memerty, Judy Page gave him his first professional job. Fiddler on the roof. Joe Stewardson, Jhb Civic, The King and I, Louis Burke, (Dir/choreographer)(Rogers & Hammersteins) Jean Dell, Ann Stradi, Edmund Rahme, Memory Jane, Ben Illeman, Martin Dunne, Justin Hambloch, John Mitchells’ orchestra, Bruno Santini’s designs. Stan Knight’s lighting.

Quoted from the programme of Pieter Toerien's Isn't It Romantic in 1985: 'Originally from Bulawayo, Judy came to South Africa to begin her career as a band vocalist. She worked with many bandleaders, including Dan Hill, George Hayden, Archie Silanski and Doug Finch, eventually having her own group. She has won 5 Sarie Awards and in 1973 was awarded the Golden Shure Microphone as the Best Female Vocalist in South Africa. This was the first time the award was made outside of the United States. Judy is well known for her stage appearances, having starred in Berlin to Broadway, The Sound of Music, Jacques Brel, Chicago and Annie as well as Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Oh What a Lovely War, and Oh Coward. She also acted and sang in the PACT ballet presentation of Seven Deadly Sins. When on the bill of Horst Jankowski Show she was so successful that Horst Jankowski wanted to take her overseas to appear in his shows there. Television appearances include Pop Shop, Sing, Something's Coming Up, Hey Jude (her own series) and The Danny Bickett Show. In between these numerous band performances and stage shows Judy has appeared in Cabaret at many top venues in South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho and also performed the final cabaret at the Top of the Carlton in Johannesburg and she also has been nominated for three Dalro Awards. Most recently Judy played the role of Anna in The King and I for PACT and appears as Adele, a couturier designer in Westgate III for SABC TV. In Isn't It Romantic Judy is playing her first straight acting role for this management, having previously appeared in Side by Side by Sondheim and Oh Coward.


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