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''[[Josephine, the Child of the Regiment, or The Fortune of War]]'' is a musical comedy, in two acts, by John Baldwin Buckstone (1802-1879)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Baldwin_Buckstone]
#REDIRECT [[La Fille du Régiment]]
Also found with the titles '''''[[Josephine, the Child of the Regiment]]''''' ; '''''[[The Child of the Regiment]]''''' and  '''''[[The Daughter of the Regiment]]'''''.
==The original text==
An adaptation from ''[[La Fille du Regiment]]''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_fille_du_r%C3%A9giment] (''[[La Figlia del Reggimento]]'' in the Italian version), an opera in two acts by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848), with a French libretto by Jules Henry Vernoy de Saint-Georges, ‎Jean François Alfred Bayard. It was first performed in French on 11 February 1840 by the Paris Opéra-Comique at the Salle de la Bourse.
Buckstone is said to have based his work on the French version, but he may in fact have seen it in the English version at the Surrey Theatre, London, on 21 December, 1847. (The Italian version had been played at Her Majesty's Theatre, London,  on 27 May, 1847). As Fitzball's English version of the storyline,  called ''[[The Daughter of the Regiment]]'', had already been performed in London in 1844, it is even possible that the rival play may have been Buckstone's initial source.
The Buckstone own play was first performed as ''[[Josephine, the Child of the Regiment]]'' at Theatre Royal, Haymarket and first published in London by [[Thomas Hailes Lacy]] in 1856.
Buckstone's ''[[Josephine, the Child of the Regiment, or The Fortune of War|Josephine]]'' was apparently - and somewhat confusingly - at times called ''[[The Daughter of the Regiment]]'' by some companies.  (For example the production of ''[[The Daughter of the Regiment]]'', which  was played on August 19, 1872, by the Rotunda Vaudeville Company in Liverpool, and the one in South Africa during the 1880s, are both ascribed to Buckstone).
==Translations and adaptations==
W.S. Gilbert wrote a [[burlesque]] adaptation of the Donizetti opera, called ''[[La Vivandière]]'', in 1867.
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1860: Performed early in the year as ''[[The Child of the Regiment]]'' in the [[Cabinet Theatre]], Cape Town, by the company brought together by [[Charles Fraser]], with [[Annie Rowlands]] as one of the cast.
1885: ''[[The Daughter of the Regiment]]'' (ascribed to Buckstone) performed in the [[Theatre Royal]], Cape Town,  during the course of the year, produced by Mr [[H.C. Sidney]] and partner Mr [[H.J. Fiedler]].
== Sources ==
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