Jonathan Khumbulani Nkala

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Jonathan Khumbulani Nkala (1980-). Playwright and performer.

Usually referred to simply as Jonathan Nkala


Born Jonathan Kumbulani Nkala in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe in 1980, he led an extraordinary life, fleeing to South Africa in 2005, and travelling to Cape Town. Here he sold beads and told his story on Camps Bay beach. He was discovered as a playwright and performer by director Bo Petersen, who helped him shape the story of his journey as a one-man play originally called The Journey (2006) and reworked as The Crossing in 2008.

His life was ultimately documented in a trilogy of plays he developed and performed over time, and these were published by Junkets Publishers as Cockroach: a Trilogy of Plays in 2011. The three plays are The Bicycle Thief (childhood), Faith in Love (adolescence) and The Crossing (young adulthood).

His film credits include Disgrace (2008) and Jail Caesar (2012).

He now lives in Johannesburg working as a playwright, actor, poet and comedian.


Samuel Ravengai. 2015. Embodiment, Mobility and the Moment of Encounter in Jonathan Nkala’s The Crossing. In: Fleishman M. (eds) Performing Migrancy and Mobility in Africa (Series: Studies in International Performance.) Palgrave Macmillan, London[1]

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