Johan de Witt, Raadpensionaris van Holland

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Johan de Witt, Raadpensionaris van Holland ("Johan de Witt, councilor pensionary of Holland")is a prose work consisting of selection of dramatic scenes, written by A. Loosjes (Adriaan Pietersz Loosjes, 1761-1818)[1]

The original text

Unconventionally written as a piece of dramatized prose, partly narrative and partly dramatic dialogue, based on selected historical scenes from the life of the liberal and influential Dutch councilor pensionary, Johan de Witt (1625–1672)[2]. The text was published by the author in Haarlem, 1805, in a book consisting of 18 chapters and has 302 pages.

1876: One of the scenes, based on events in 1672, was performed in Cape Town by the Rederijkerskamer Aurora II as Geschiedkundig Dramatisch Episode uit Leven van Johan de Witt, Raadpensionaris van Holland, "1672" and billed as a tragedy in four acts by F.C.L. Bosman (1980, p. 471). Probably adapted by one of the members. Also performed was Een Huis te Koop (Duval/Leonard).

Facsimile version of the 1805 published text, Google E-book[3]