Joanna Weinberg

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(19**-) Actress, cabaret and revue artist, playwright. Studied drama at the University of Cape Town Drama Department and obtained her Performer's Diploma In Speech and Drama in 1983, and became a prominent actress for the Baxter Theatre, PACT and the Market Theatre. Moved to Australia in 1994 with her husband Lloyd, where she made a new career as performer and playwright. Perhaps her most notable role in South Africa was as Desdemona opposite John Kani and Richard Haines in Janet Suzman’s Market Theatre production of Othello. However she also made a name for herself in cabaret. Began at venues like No 58, Hillbrow, under the watchful eye of Barbara Thompson. *** Her film and televsion work includes *** WEINBERG, Joanna. She starred in Janet Suzman’s production of Othello at the Market in September 1987. She starred in Janice Honeyman’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, also directed by Honeyman at the Alexander in 1987. She starred in William Finn’s March of the Falsettos at the Adcock-Ingram in September 1989. She starred in PACT’s annual pantomime The Sleeping Beauty at the Alexander in 1990. Her plays include The Piano Diaries, The Puppet Rock Picture Play at the Market Theatre; The Collector at the Intimate Theatre. Television shows include Fable for Video; Playing with Fire. She wrote, composed and performed in her own cabaret, Strictempo at Rumours and Club 58. Played Sorel in Noel Coward's Hayfever; played a role in Patchers at the Women's Festival at the Market Theatre; She played a role in Volute's production of West and was nominated for a Fleur du Cap for best supporting actress in West. Played the role of Julie in Pack of Lies.


Pack of Lies programme notes in 19**, performed at the Market Theatre.

Tucker, 1997

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