Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

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An American musical revue of the songs of Jacques Brel by Eric Blau and Mort Shuman. Most songs were translated from the French by Blau and Schuman, with the help of Brel himself. The original show debuted Off-Broadway on January 22, 1968 at The Village Gate Theater in Greenwich Village.

It ran for four years and nearly 2 000 performances, and was revived on Broadway in 1972 and 1981, and turned into a film in 1975, with Brel himself making an appearance. The latest off-Broadway revival in 2006 has received rare reviews and award nominations.

First produced in South Africa by Taubie Kushlick in 197*/1980, a production which became the longest-running musical production in South Africa’s musical history up to that date. **** It is still today the longest running show ever played in Johannesburg. Opened in 1972 at the Chelsea Theatre in Hillbrow. Starring Joe Masiell, Ferdie Uphof, Gay Lambert, Robin Dolton, Sandy Layne. Lighting by Taubie Kushlick. Props made by Zwi Fefer. Stage and lighting director Rita Ehlers. Theatre manager Norma Biaggi.

In 1983 Kushlick adapted the revue and retitled it The Best of Brel. She directed it for PACT at the Pretoria State Theatre, before it moved to the Leonard Rayne Theatre. Kushlick staged this version again in 1986.

A large number of other Brel-based shows have been done over the years, including shows by Danielle Pascal, **

In the mid 1980s Bradley Mart, Brenda Radloff and Themi Venturas appeared in a show referred to as Jacques Brel, possibly An Evening with Jacques Brel, the opening show of the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre Bistro in Durban. (See Photograph - NELM Manuscripts - [Collection: FLETCHER, Jill]: 2005. 75. 19. 50) and Caroline Smart, 2007).

Quoted from the Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris in 19**: 'Had his first professional part in The Dancing Years after qualifying as a pharmacist. In Johannesburg he has been seen in Oklahoma, South Pacific, Man of La Mancha, Applause and lately as Pohtic in Lock up your Daughters. He appeared most recently in Taubie Kushlick's production of House of Blue Leaves.'


Taubie Kushlick's Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris programme notes in 19**.


Photograph - NELM Manuscripts - Collection: FLETCHER, Jill: 2005. 75. 19. 50.

Caroline Smart, History of Durban Supper Theatre, article first published in ArtSmart, 2007-07-22 (last edited : 2007-10-15)[1]

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