Jack and the Beanstalk

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Jack and the Beanstalk is an old English fairy tale, often dramatized.

The original story

Written down as an English nursery-tale by Joseph Jacobs,

Translations and adaptations for the stage

The story has become the basis of numerous traditional British pantomimes, wherein the Giant is a villain, Jack's mother the Dame, and Jack the Principal Boy.

English versions

A South African version by Michelle Botha and Thomas Barlow. One-act. Cast: mixed (for Children).

Done in South Africa by Children's Theatre in 1984, with Michael Brunner, **.

Other versions done in South Africa include a pantomime by Janice Honeyman and Ralph Trewhela and a production written and directed by Glynn Day, performed in the Baxter Studio in 1986, starring John Dennison, Pippa Duffy, Joey Wishnia and Patrick Walton. (Chad Abrahams, James Plaatjies, Annette Hamilton, Liana Collet, Bronwyn van Graan, Matthew Roberts??).

Jan en die Boontjierank

Peter Noble as Jack 26.6.1992 (NELM:[Collection: FLETCHER, Jill]: 2005. 75. 19. 49).

A puppet play version by Teatro Dei Piccolo ('Theatre of the Little People') and Keith Anderson.

Another version was staged by the People's Theatre in June 1999 as their first production in the new Thabong Theatre at The Civic, directed by Jill Girard and Keith Smith, with Isadora Verwey, Francois Theron, Izak Taljaard, Vicky Friedman, Rochelle Palm, Grete Lochner, Warren Arends and Hinor Shushan.

Staged in December 2003 in the Nelson Mandela Theatre at The Civic as a pantomime, written and directed by Janice Honeyman, with Francois Schreuder, Val Donald Bell, Tobie Cronjé, Basil Appollis, Tessa Denton, Bronwyn Evans, Philip Godawa, Jeffrey Sebogodi, Byron-Lee Olivato and James van Helsdingen.

Afrikaans translations

Jan en die Boontjierank (poppespel). An Afrikaans arrangement by Tine Balder from the English nursery-tale as written down by Joseph Jacobs, and directed by her for UTS in 1967 and then for SUKOVS, opening on 29 June 1968 at the Stadskouburg in Bloemfontein. Cast: Paul Eilers, Rentia Human, Johan Botha, Mees Xteen, Maryann Johnston.

Jan en die Boontjierank(“Jack and the beanstalk”) by Janice Honeyman. Afrikaans translation by Nerina Ferreira. Pantomime. Cast: mixed. Another version by Michelle Botha and Thomas Barlow. One-act. Children’s play.

Jan en die Boontjierank, text by Francois Toerien, 2006.

Performance history in South Africa

Francois Swart's pantomime for PACT, 1991, with Antoinette Kellermann and Henriëtta Gryffenberg.

Francois Toerien's text presented by the University of Stellenbosch Drama Department, directed by Toerien, starring Roeline Daneel, Mbulelo Ntlanga, Philip Lotz, Andrea Winckler and others, 2006.


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