J.W. van Lint

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Dr J.W. van Lint (fl. early 1900s) was a Dutch speaking citizen of Cape Town, an educationist, author and an amateur performer.

Also credited as Jacob Willem van Lint in some cases.


He wrote, or co-wrote, (and on occasion seemingly published), a series of books on the Dutch and Afrikaans languages, including Practical African Dutch Grammar ("for private study and teaching, in accordance with the spelling rules and vocabulary of the S.A. academy of Literature"), published in 1920, the First Afrikaans reading book for English Speaking Pupils, ("for S.A. schools and colleges and private study"), published in 1923, and Our Afrikaans Companion ("dialogues and conversations: a great stand-by for pupils and candidates for all Afrikaans examinations; handbook for teachers, bankers, doctors, business men, etc."), published 1924, and so on. These books were frequently reprinted.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

He was a member of, and performer for, the Cape Town based rederijkerskamer called Aurora III, Cape Town (1909-1914), and wrote a three act play called De Hypnotiseur for the society, performed and published 1911.



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