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Ivan Hall (b. 27/09/1935 – d. 11/10/2008). Director, editor, production manager.


Ivan Hall’s first known film credit is as editor on Truida Pohl’s Man in die Donker (1962), followed by that of production manager on Jamie Uys’s Lord Oom Piet (1962). He stayed with Jamie Uys Film Productions for a number of years and his first film as director was probably Lank Sal Hul Lewe!, a short sponsored by Sanlam and made for the South Africa Road Safety Council. However, his first feature as director was Kruger Miljoene (1967), a hybrid musical/adventure that launched his career with Kavalier Films, the firm formed after Jamie Uys departed his own production company to start Mimosa Films. For them he directed a number of popular films, though none became as successful as the two karate movies he made with action star James Ryan, Karate Olympia (1976) and especially Kill and Kill Again (1981).


Features as Director

Kruger Miljoene / Kruger Millions (1967), Dr Kalie (+ original idea) (1968), Lied in my Hart / Song in My Heart (1969), Vicki! (1970), Flying Squad / Vengeance Cops (1971), Gold Squad (1971), Boemerang 11:15 (1972), Lokval in Venesië (1972), Aanslag op Kariba (1973), Dans van die Flamink (1974), Funeral for an Assassin (+ producer with Walter Brough) (1974), Die Troudag van Tant Ralie (1975), Dingetjie Is Dynamite! (My Naam Is Nog Steeds Dingetjie) (1975), Karate Olympia / Kill or Be Killed / Karate Killer / (1976), Kill and Kill Again (1981), The Riverman (1983), Skollie (1984), Back to Freedom (1988), Bush Shrink / The Trackers (1988).

Shorts as Director

Lank Sal Hul Lewe! / Sing to Their Glory (196*).

Television as Director or Producer

The Riverman (director) (TV series) (1985), Uthando Lwethu (producer with Gavin Sweeney & Jackie Luthuli) (TV series) (1996)

Features as Editor

Man in die Donker (Truida Pohl/1962), Die Spaanse Vlieg (Dirk de Villiers/1978), Billy Boy (Tim Spring/1978), The Gods Must Be Crazy II (with Renée Engelbrecht & Colette Russouw) (Jamie Uys/1989).

Features as Production Manager

Lord Oom Piet (Jamie Uys/1962), Kimberley Jim (Emil Nofal/1963), Dingaka (Jamie Uys/1964), Debbie (Elmo de Witt/1965), All the Way to Paris / After You, Comrade (Jamie Uys/1966), Diamond Hunters / The Kingfisher Caper (Dirk de Villiers/1975).


Le Roux, André I. & Fourie, Lilla – Filmverlede: geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse speelfilm

van Nierop, Leon - Daar doer in die fliek



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