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''[[It's Never too Late to Mend, or Gold, Gold, Gold]]'' is a play in three acts by Charles Reade (1814-1884)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Reade].
#REDIRECT [[It Is Never Too Late To Mend]]
Also known simply as '''''[[It's Never too Late to Mend]]'''''.
==The original text==
A drama about a ruthless squire who becomes obsessed with a younger woman and conspires to have her lover framed and sent to jail.
Based by Charles Reade on his own novel called ''[[It Is Never Too Late to Mend]]'' (sometimes written as ''[[It's Never Too Late to Mend]]''), published in 1856, the play opened in February 1865 at The Theatre, Leeds, where it played to great acclaim.
==Translations and adaptations==
The novel was filmed a number of times over the years.
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1862: Performed as ''[[It's Never too Late to Mend, or Gold, Gold, Gold]]'' by [[Clara Tellett]] and her company in the [[Theatre Royal]], Cape Town, on 15 December, with ''[[Marriage at any Price]]'' (Wooler). The performance given as a benefit for [[James Leffler]], held under the patronage of the Governor's wife, Lady Wodehouse, and R. Southey, the Colonial Secretary.
1882/3: Performed as ''[[It's Never too Late to Mend]]'' by [[Mabel Hayes]] and her company in the [[Theatre Royal]], Cape Town, as part of season that ran from August 1882 to June 1883. She probably did it in Port Elizabeth as well in the subsequent season.
== Sources ==
[[D.C. Boonzaier]], 1923. "My playgoing days – 30 years in the history of the Cape Town stage",  in ''SA Review'', 9 March and 24 August 1932. (Reprinted in [[F.C.L. Bosman|Bosman]] 1980: pp. 374-439.)
[[F.C.L. Bosman]]. 1980. ''Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel II, 1856-1912''. Pretoria: [[J.L. van Schaik]]: pp.132, 376
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