In die Wagkamer

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In die Wagkamer (1926) ("In the waiting room") by J.F.W. Grosskopf. A celebrated Afrikaans one-act play about a mother waiting ***. First(*?) produced by ** in 19**. Also produced by many other societies and schools afterwards, including Ons Teatertjie-toneelgroep in the Pretorius Hall, Pretoria on 10-11 June, 1936, directed by Leonie Pienaar. First published by ** in 19**. *** Filmed as Moedertjie ("Little Mother") for African Film Productions by the producer Joseph Albrecht and directed by Stephanie Fauré in 1931. The film starred Faure herself as the mother, Jean Plaat-Stuljes ands the "Oom", Pierre de Wet as the boy and Joan du Toit as the girl. Published by Naspers and in Drie Eenbedrywe.

Grosskopf was awarded the Hertzog Prize for Drama in 1926 for As die tuig skawe and Drie eenbedrywe which include In die Wagkamer, Die Spookhuis and Die Peswolk.

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