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==Translations and adaptations==
==Translations and adaptations==
''[[In Camera]]'' - Afrikaans translation by [[Rita Elferink]].
''[[In Camera]]'' - Afrikaans translation by [[Rita Elferink]].
== Sources ==
== Sources ==

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(Vicious Circle or No Exit, 1944), a play by Jean-Paul Sartre. Published by Gallimard, 1947.

Three dead people are presented as in hell where they suffer torments created by the fact that they are doomed for ever to live in nerve-strung misery.

Performance history in South Africa

1971: PACOFS, In Kamera (in Afrikaans) directed by Ernst Eloff starring Lerina Erasmus and Jannie Gildenhuys.

1972: An Afrikaans adaptation titled Geen Uitgang presented by the Drama Drie, Johannesburg at the ATKV Nasionale Toneelfees ("ATKV Amateur Play Competion") in the Bloemfontein Civic Theatre, November 1972, directed by David Moolman, featuring Cobus Erasmus, David Moolman, Helena du Toit and Suzette van der Westhuizen.

1976: In Camera Afrikaans translation by Rita Elferink, staged by Eksperimentele Teater Stellenbosch in the Libertasteater in March 1976, directed by Marie van Heerden, with Philip du Plessis, Margot Luyt, Juanita Swanepoel and Leon van Heerden.

1983: In Camera Afrikaans translation by Rita Elferink, presented by USAT of the University of Stellenbosch at the National Arts Festival Student Drama in July 1983, directed by Ilzebet Uys, assisted by Anton Oosthuizen and stage manager Jon Phillips. The cast: Johan Laten, Altus Shröder, Amor Engelbrecht, Adriënne Oosthuizen.

Translations and adaptations

In Camera - Afrikaans translation by Rita Elferink.


World Drama by Allardyce Nicoll, 1949.

PACOFS Drama 25 Years, 1963-1988.

ATKV Nasionale Toneelfees programme, 1972.

National Arts Festival programme, 1983.

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