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Komödie München website [http://www.komoedie-muenchen.de/ensemble/autoren/rainer-lewandowski.html]
Komödie München website [http://www.komoedie-muenchen.de/ensemble/autoren/rainer-lewandowski.html]
Broadway World.com website [http://www.broadwayworld.com/south-africa/regional/TONIGHT-NEITHER-HAMLET-78962#]
[[KKNK]] theatre programme, 1998.
[[KKNK]] theatre programme, 1998.

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Heute weder Hamlet (English: "Tonight Neither Hamlet") is a 1988 one-person play by German playwright Rainer Lewandowski (1950- ), who won a playwright’s award for the production in 1988.


This is an eccentric look at what happens behind the theatre curtain, as told by one of the theatre’s forgotten characters, the curtain puller. Ingo Sassmann is a frustrated actor-turned-curtain puller. Finding himself unexpectedly forestage when a performance of Hamlet is cancelled, the limelight proves irresistible as he reveals to his captive audience the world beyond the curtain, and shares with them some reminiscences of parts played and dreams dashed.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English under the title Tonight Neither Hamlet.

Performance history in South Africa

1998: The English translation Tonight Neither Hamlet was staged at the KKNK, directed by Peter Kleinschmidt, with Mees Xteen.

2013: The English translation Tonight Neither Hamlet was staged at the Kalk Bay Theatre in Cape Town.


Komödie München website [1]

Broadway World.com website [2]

KKNK theatre programme, 1998.

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