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''[[Het Zangerfeest]]'' ("the singer's festival") is a Dutch version of a German play by Gustav von Moser (1825-1903)[https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustav_von_Moser].
#REDIRECT [[Aus Liebe zur Kunst, oder Ein Singspiel]]
==The original text==
Possibly ''[[Das Stiftungsfest]]'' ("The foundation festival")
==Translations and adaptations==
Translated  into  [[Dutch]] as ''[[Het Zangerfeest]]'' ("the singer's festival") .
== Performance history in South Africa ==
Performed in Dutch as ''[[Het Zangerfeest]]'' by the [[rederijkerskamer]] [[Onze Taal]] in the Pretoria in the period 1891-1898.
== Sources ==
[[Ludwig Wilhelm  Berthold Binge]]. 1969. ''Ontwikkeling van die Afrikaanse toneel (1832-1950)''. Pretoria: J.L. van Schaik: p. 35.
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