Held by the Enemy

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Held by the Enemy is a play by William Gillette (William Hooker Gillette, 1853-1937)[1].

The original text

First performed on 22 February, 1886, in the Criterion Theatre, Brooklyn, New York and published by Samuel French Ltd. in 1898.

According to the entry on William Gillette in Wikipedia, this Civil War drama "was a major step toward modern theater, in that it abandoned many of the crude devices of 19th century melodrama and introduced realism into the sets, costumes, props, and sound effects. It was produced at a time when the British had a very low opinion of American art in any form, and it was the first wholly American play with a wholly American theme to be a critical and commercial success on British stages."[2]

Filmed in 1920, directed by Donald Crisp and based on the 1886 play.